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Health is Wealth in the Black Community

Dr. Carrie Frazier

December 30, 2020


The historical dehumanization, oppression, and violence against African American people that has evolved into present day systemic, institutionalized racism continues to impact the emotional and mental health of both youth and adults. Consequently, there is a traditional distrust of the health care and mental health systems.

Currently, having to deal with layers of individual trauma on top of the new mass traumas from COVID-19, police brutality, and divisive political rhetoric makes it even harder for Black people to manage or seek help for their mental health issues. Typically, the people reach out to the churches and other faith-based organizations in the community for help to maintain emotional stability. However, current access to the churches are extremely limited and the number of African American mental health providers are too small to meet the emerging needs.

Consequently, people are more likely to experience chronic mental health conditions.There is hope that access to mental health will improve as the public holds policymakers and health systems accountable to improving mental health systems and staffing. In the East Contra Costa community efforts are underway to identify African American counselors, psychotherapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists who can provide mental health services. As the behavioral health professionals are identified, their contact information will be published in the next issue of this publication.

For more information contact:

Dr. Carrie Frazier, Village Keepers, Founder, CEO, Psychotherapist, Community Service Chaplain. (925) 787-4827

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