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In Other News, The Most Recent Act Of Caucasity

Opinion - Chandlor Henderson is the Editor and Content Manager for East County Northstar. He is committed to the truth and empowerment of his people.

January 10, 2021

I should point out that I am not from East Bay. I have yet to even visit there, other than driving through. But I am an American, no matter how much the Colonists like to pretend that I'm not. I get tired of the double standards I see in every community, and I see some clear ones developing in the Bay Area.

We all saw the carnage from the DC insurrection, a city that is my home. (I posted an article I wrote for another site below.) We were all in shock, or at least pretended to be. We know the cops are on the side of fascists. Always have been. Back to their slave catching roots, it's always been us against them, good against evil. The fact that they (being White America) wrote the history books, they painted us as evil while taking advantage of the programs we set up to feed our communities.

I'm used to the double standard, and it doesn't really stop me from doing what I gotta do. But sometimes it does make you sit and go, "Huh?" Right now I am speaking on South Bay GOP leader Phil Reynolds, who posted on Wednesday, January, 8, "The war has begun! Citizens take arms!"

This is alarming for many reasons. One, he is telling citizens to go, grab their weapons, and start shooting. I wonder who it is he is wanting to get shot at? Considering it was the Black voters who went out in record numbers and took back the Senate out of the blistered crusty hands of Mitch McConnell, it's easy to surmise what he meant. I mean, even if he says that's not what he meant, who cares? The Republican party has been lying to us over and over about everything for the last four years in an almost comical way. The reality is the credibility of this man is about as low as anyone's could be. His word means nothing.

Now, on the other side of this, we have Tamisha Torres-Walker. A woman who is 2020's Humanitarian of the Year. A woman who ran, and won an elected seat on the Antioch City Council, who had the nerve to tell the cops how it is. They frightened her children, and she reacted as any mother would, and should have. If she was a white woman on the council she would be treated as a hero and a fighter against the 'liberal agenda'. I mean, we saw all these crazed, potentially COVID-19 positive lunatics storm in the Capitol and attempt to assassinate our entire government. But a black woman speaking out, unheard of. I mean who does she think she is right?

Photo credit Jose Carlos Fajardo

The way I see it, and I'm saying this strictly objectively because I don't live in East Bay, I would vote for Tamisha Walker for every single election she ever runs in. I would write her in for higher positions. I would phone bank for her. I would fly signs, banners, stickers, hats, and kites. She did what we should all be doing. We should ALL be loudly calling out these racist double standards. It is our responsibility. These crazy Republicans say it's their duty to burn it down, then it's our duty to document it and share it for the world to see. I mean, the time is now.

I'm from the DC area. To me yelling and screaming to get your point across is normal. Let's not silence her with our own personal beliefs, we have to stand with her. If we don't then who will?


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