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Meet Dennisha Marsh-Owens

December 22, 2020.

Dennisha Marsh is our newly elected LMCHD Board Director. She won re-election convincingly as she advocated for equity and measure to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Below is her is her personal biography.

I grew up in Pittsburg and attended PUSD from kindergarten through Pittsburg High. Born with a hole in my heart, I lived through four open-heart surgeries by the time I was 25. The doctors told me that I couldn’t work. But as a young mother with a military husband, I had no choice in order to pay the bills. In 2008, my doctor said, “if you want to live, you have to stop stressing your fragile heart.” Although devastated, I found my voice and purpose giving back to our community.

Ever since, I’ve been actively engaged in healthcare advocacy with positive results. As a member of the Community Development Block Grant Committee, I helped steer funding towards homeless services, senior health and wellness programs, and upgrading sidewalks to accommodate disabled residents.

Currently, I am a healthcare consultant for LMCHD. As a healthcare consultant, I worked on a variety of programs including respiratory protection, healthy aging and mental health treatment.

As your healthcare director, I will fight to:

  • Support increasing COVID-19 testing to keep our communities safe.

  • Expand access to asthma treatments for children.

  • Increase funding to reduce obesity rates locally.

  • Promote lifestyle and initiatives.

  • To bridge the community with the District by creating more programs for the Seniors and Youth.

  • Create Internships for the students in the district who would like to work in the Healthcare Industry.

  • Connect the 13 school garden programs with the 3 community gardens and teach farm to table cooking classes. I would also like the students to be able to sell the produce they are not using to sell in the community so that if may fund camps and trips.

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