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Prayer Motion

By Glenn Turner

December 26, 2020.

Pray Motion started as a motivational prayer structured to help get rid of negativity from the life of individuals. A seed that eventually germinated and grew into something bigger, a nonprofit organization driven by the passion to lend a hand to as many as possible. We believe the body, mind, and spirit need to be in one accord for a human to thrive, therefore, they need to be developed simultaneously.

Every story has a beginning: our journey isn’t any different.

Pray Motion and our team of staff and volunteers recognize that life’s challenges are filled with unpredictable outcomes and not everyone dares to get back up after a fall. The mission of Pray Motion is to help others to get back on their feet spiritually, mentally, and physically. This is accomplished through visiting homeless shelters, churches, parks, bus and train stations with food, blankets, socks, shoes, and personal items; adopting families during the holidays to feed and gift children school supplies, organizing therapeutic communities for recovering addicts to develop a healthy lifestyle, and also creating health awareness.

“Pray Motion is not about self-promotion, but the promotion of the idea that thru faith, prayer and inspiration we can all reach our greatest potential.” Most people start companies as a way to make profit and benefit themselves. Pray Motion was created to do just the opposite. All of the programs that we offer, we personally fund. We started a clothing line called Live By Shirts to help spread our message to the masses and help raise money to fund our programs.

Our non-profit organization also organizes workshops to tackle various areas of life such as financial planning, building self-esteem, conflict resolution, how to start your own business, how to resolve family conflicts, parenting classes, and several other topics. Pray Motion also designs programs like field trips, training camps, seminars, and conferences for teenagers, young adults, and people with a terminal ailment. With these activities and several others, Pray Motion, with the aid of prayers, has been able to give, teach, train, and strengthen the faith of so many.

Our organization believes knowledge is power and that power is needed for survival. The power to overcome fear and believe in oneself, the power to be hopeful and start over, the power to love yourself because no one can do that better than you, and the power to have faith, trust God and know that even in your darkest hour, you can still pray.

Our website is, and our store can also be found by visiting

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