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Raised Up By: Sandra Evers-Manly


by Sandra Evers-Manly

About the Book

Raised Up by Mrs. Manly & Her L’s by author, ardent philanthropist and way-maker, Sandra Evers-Manly is a non-fiction, inspirational title. In the book, the author draws on the rich exchange between a mother, her children and the examples of love and life she used as a foundation to raise them.

Mrs. Doris Manly raised her children using single-word lessons that began with just one letter – the letter "L" – including love, lift, lean, lead and laugh.

Not only did she teach her children these important lessons starting with the letter “L”, but she taught everyone she touched throughout her life of the importance of lifting others up and not tearing them down, being a leader, living life to the fullest, leaving a legacy and finding time to laugh.

The author seeks to spotlight the long lost traditions of basic kindness, community and love, and extend the legacy and indelible imprint left by Mrs. Manly for generations to come by sharing the simple and timeless lessons of Mrs. Manly's L's, and adding to the current literary offerings, a guide to daily living and caring for one another based on a simple, well-worn, proven and timeless example of family, motherly impact, and self-confidence-building.

Since its release, Raised Up by Mrs. Manly & Her L’s has earned positive reviews and attention. The book was ranked among the “10 Best Books to Give Someone You Love” by and received five-star ratings on Amazon, with one reviewer calling the book, “A joyful tribute about important values for family and life!” Evers-Manly will release her second book “One Smile at Time” in the Fall of 2022.

Raised Up by Mrs. Manly & Her L’s is written by Sandra Evers-Manly who grew up In Pittsburg, California and currently resides in Washington D.C. Ms. Evers-Manly inherited a strong belief system which led her down the same path as her mother, a community care worker, a social activist, and a philanthropist.

Illustrations by Wendell Wiggins. ISBN: 978-0-9996139-0-0. Book price: $21.95. Release date: 11/11/18. Available at SEM Inspirationals and on Amazon. Categories: Self Help / Family / Relationship / Non-fiction / Children-Teen-Adult / Positive Image. Publisher: SEM Publishing House (Facebook @SEMPubHouse Instagram @sempubhouse Twitter @sempubhouse)


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