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The Pipeline that Matters

By Crystal Sawyer-White, AUSD School Board Member

October 2020

On September 9th 2020, the California Association of African American Superintendents and Administrators held their 2020 Round Up-Strengthening Equity Coalitions for African Americans. One of the presentations titled “The Pipeline That Matters-How the Absence of Literacy impacts Pre-school Students” exemplified that African American students are initially stigmatized by their behavior instead of academics.

These harmful practices result in high suspension rates for young black and brown scholars. The majority of East County Public Schools are not addressing this. There is no collective agenda that seeks to decrease the suspensions of African American students or to improve academic outcomes. East County schools need to focus on curriculum choice, professional development and funding sources.

Hopefully, East County African American voters will understand what is a stake and make their voices heard on November 3rd.

Crystal Sawyer-White is a contributing writer and is currently up for re-election (AUSD School Board) November 3rd, 2020.

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